Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SyncToy eases my mind!

Before we continue talking about more cool technologies, I think we should cover a basic thing that the average computer user does NOT do, sadly. Backing up your data!!!

There have been multiple people that have brought their computer to our house hoping that we {my hubby and/or I} can remove a virus from their computer. We can’t promise that we will always be able to remove it successfully without having to reload your whole system, which means losing all your data.

Backing up data seems like a daunting task, but Microsoft actually makes it SUPER easy! Use SyncToy. You all have an external hard drive correct?! If not, invest in one. They are fairly cheap nowadays!

Things I love about SyncToy:

  • Easy to setup.
  • It makes a mirrored copy of what is on your PC. For example, if I choose to backup My Pictures folder, if I rearrange my pictures, delete them, or what have you, there will be an exact copy of what you did, on the external hard drive. Does that make sense? If not, contact me!
  • Scheduled backups are easily setup. Follow the guide here.
  • If you want to backup your data offsite {not at your home incase of a fire or burglar}, use DropBox. Or if you just don’t have an external hard drive. You only get 2GB free, so don’t think about backing up pictures and music to this unless you want to pay $9.99/month, which is worth it instead of losing pictures!


Please don’t continue doing anything until you have this setup Winking smile


  1. I've got Time Machine on my Mac and it backs up my entire hard drive to my external every hour ... love it!! I also have a separate external just for pictures and digital scrapbooking stuff. YAY!!

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