Friday, December 2, 2011

When you have a book, you always have a friend!

My grandfather said, "Read as many good books as you possibly can.  When you have a book, you always have a friend." And I’m always happier when I have a friend!

I love that as long as I have my phone, I have a book!

Here are the different ways I read on my phone:

  1. Kindle for Android. I’m a semi-frugal person, so I love to read free books, and there are plenty out there, like this:
  2. OverDrive. eBooks and Audio books from my local library.
  3. Aldiko. You can load all sorts of books on this app. And ePub files can be read on here.
  4. Deseret Book. A huge array of LDS and other great books!
  5. Google Reader. All the blogs I follow.
  6. Evernote. When I’m online and run across an article, by using Google News, StumbleUpon, etc., I send it to Evernote, so I can read it when I’m not at my computer.

I wasn’t a reader growing up, but now I love it! Sometimes I have to resist the urge to check Google+, Facebook, Email, etc., but I try to always make myself read first.

Places where I read:

  1. In bed. So much easier than holding a book and having a book light.
  2. In the lazy boy, while nursing my baby.
  3. In the car.
  4. And everywhere in between!


  1. I certainly hope that by "In the car" you mean while Don is driving. :P

    I love to read, too, but only "real" books, because my all-time favorite place to read is in the bathtub, and technology and bathtubs do not mix very well.

    Good info, though.

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