Friday, January 28, 2011

The Tool We Use To Budget Our Money

I can’t thank this site enough for helping us make it so easy to budget money. I don’t use all of the features offered, because we just don’t need them. They have an awesome budgeting tool, but we don’t really use it. For instance, I could set a “Food” budget, and when I buy things, I would allocate it to that budget. Read below on why I personally don’t use that. I think it would be great for some people!

Basically, we use it as a checkbook (so it’s not linked to our bank accounts like and other tools do).

Twice a month I do the bills (which I love doing. I’m kind of OCD about it lol). I keep track of what bills need to be paid and when, using this site. So easy!

After I’ve paid the bills, and allocated the “extra” money, I leave us $150 for that 2 weeks. That is used for food and fun. Makes it pretty easy to stick to a good budget!

As things clear through the bank, I just “jive” them on this site. That way it shows how much money I have left to spend, and how much is in the bank. For instance, our bank could say we have $653, but ClearCheckBook says we have $129 to spend. Before I used this site, I would forget that a bill was going to be deducted from my account, and I would think I had more money than I did. This is ALL solved though this site!

I love their Android app!

When my hubby spends money, he knows he has to log into the site and enter it in. Works so easy for both of us!

I love the iGoogle widget that is on my homepage, so I always see how much money we have every time I open my browser.

This site has made our life so peaceful about money.

Here are some videos of how to use this web tool:


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