Sunday, October 17, 2010

If My Computer Crashed, Would I Cry?

NOPE! And I know some of you wouldn’t either, but my fear is that more of you would than wouldn’t.

I posted this back in August about easily backing up your data regularly. Out of the 10 people that read this blog, my guess is that one of you followed it. Or am I wrong? I hope so.

If I lost my pictures, code from work, music, documents, etc., yes I would CRY, but I love having the peace of mind that everything is being backed up all the time.

I’ve multiple friends bring their PC or laptop over, hoping to fix it and save their data. Sometimes I’ve been able to fix it, but sometimes there is just no way to fix it. Or a reformat needs to be done.

There are many backup tools:

  • SyncToy  {The one I talked about in a previous post.}
  • Syncplicity {I used this one in the past. It’s my favorite, but I decided to stop paying for it. Although data is priceless.}
  • And so many more…

Please choose one and put your mind at ease. And, yes, even Mac users need to back up their data. I’ve had many of my Mac friends have issues too, even though they claim nothing will ever happen to them. HAHA.

So, friends, PLEASE BACKUP YOUR DATA. And don’t do it manually either. It’s too complicated and you’ll forget.

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