Friday, October 29, 2010

How My Family Stays Connected

Google Calendar!

My husband has a Google Calendar and so do I. Then we “share” them out to each other. His calendar is green, mine is purple, and my son’s is orange.

My son (16-months-old) doesn’t have his own calendar yet. Google Calendar lets you add other calendars under your own. I have my son’s, a menu, my pregnancy, and a family birthday calendars under my own account.

It’s so easy to setup and so easy to use! If my husband adds something to his calendar, I easily see it. He doesn’t even need to say that he is working later one night, because he knows that goes on the calendar Smile

I have an Android phone (which is a Google phone), so all my calendars are on there. So easy to stay on top of things! When I’m at my OB, and I’m making the next appt, I just easily put it on my phone, and I’m done!

You don’t have to have an Android to use this on your phone though. I know Blackberrys and other phones can do it as well!

As you can see below, we aren’t super busy, but busy enough for me Smile I don’t put things on the calendar like naps, work, etc.

I highly recommend that everyone have some sort of system like this. If you need help, just let me know!



  1. I need to put more stuff on the calendar. I do agree with the super smart geeky mom that writes this blog, Google calendar is easy to use and helps you remember things.

  2. I wish I had a life that was full enough to necessitate a calendar.

  3. Love me some Google Calendar ... I couldn't function without it!! AND it syncs w/ my iCal, too {although I rarely use it since I'm either online or on my phone}!! What about your recipe/menu calendar? I loved that when you showed it to me!

  4. That is so funny you put The Biggest Loser on your calendar! HaHa

    What is your recipe/menu calendar? I wanna see it! Cool blog by the way!

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  6. Hi Brenda! I'm a friend of Kari's and she pointed me to your blog. Hope you don't mind!

    I love this calendar idea. I desperately need to do this.