Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dial2Do – How My Thoughts Get Written Down

Are you ever out and about and a million things pop into your head when you can’t write them down? This happens to me ALL the time. Some examples:

  • cancel dentist appt
  • take chicken out of the freezer
  • call my mom back
  • wash the whites
  • buy apples
  • and the list goes on forever…

Instead of me forgetting all of these things, I just use Dial2Do!

I don’t recommend using Dial2Do they way this girl does in the following video, but yes, occasionally I use it while I drive. More often it’s while I’m at the store, in the family room playing with my son, at the park, or pretty much anywhere except my desk.

I don’t use Dial2Do to send emails, send texts, etc. I just use it to send things into my Evernote account, as you can see how I use Evernote here. I love how it sends it right into my “Inbox” into Evernote.

Enjoy getting all your thoughts written down!

1 comment:

  1. hey, since you only use the evernote feature of dial2do, you should try voice2note - it's cheaper! (and can even be FREE if you only send 5 voice2notes or less a month)
    p.s. - I found your info on evernote to be very helpful!