Monday, August 9, 2010

3 Ways To Make Blog Reading Quick And Easy!

Since I think it’s important to read my blog every time I post something new, I figured this would be a great first post!

It makes me sad when people say they don’t have time to blog or read blogs. I love feeling closer to people by reading their blogs. I love that my family blog is our journal. I love the knowledge I gain from reading computer programming, homemaking, crafts, frugality, cooking and many other blogs.

I can’t spend all day reading blogs, so here are the top 3 ways that makes it easy for me to read blogs.

Google Reader

Google Reader is my preferred method to be notified of new posts and to read them. I use the Google Reader widget on my iGoogle homepage, which makes it easy to be notified every time a blog is updated. I like this introduction video to it.


  • BlogSend Address

If I have a friend that has a private blog, I ask them to add me to their email list. I do not have time to be going to private blogs just to see if they have posted anything new.

In Blogger there is place to enter up to 10 email addresses for people to receive a new post in their email inbox. My sisters and I use this method to have each post we write sent to my mom in an email.

If you have more than 10 contacts (grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc.) that would like to receive a copy of a new post, use a Google Group. Here is an explanation on how to do that: I use this method.

  • FeedMyInbox

My mom uses FeedMyInbox. She understands how her email works, and that’s about all. For the few other blogs she reads besides mine and my sisters, she loves using FeedMyInbox.

Windows Live Mail

If you are a Hotmail user, using Windows Live Mail works great. I actually use this to read all of my couponing/frugality blogs. For example, I can save a post about Walgreens deals for that week, and look at it again when I’m ready to use it.

Read this post for instructions on how to set this up.


Now you can enjoy blog reading without feeling like you are wasting time!




  1. Just FYI...I will stop by this blog and read your updates, but I will probably never use any of them. I'm glad you do, though. I am so comfortable with the way my old-fashioned, outdated, time-consuming brain deals with technology, I think I'll stick with it for a while. It hurts my brain to even think about trying to update my system. :) I am one of those people who chooses something and then uses it until it car, my blog design, my cell phone. Thanks for all the info, though...who knows, maybe some day I'll change my mind.

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