Sunday, January 22, 2012

How To Get Your Parents and Grandparents to Read Your Blog

I love that my parents, in-laws, and grandparents read my personal blog. And they comment sometimes too!

This is how I get them to read my blog:

  1. Go to Settings in your Blogger account.
  2. Go to Mobile and Email.
  3. Then go to the ‘Email posts to"’ section.
  4. Add their email addresses to that section. I have a few friends and other relatives’ email addresses in this section too. Only 10 email addresses are allowed in this section. If you need to add more, you need to use a Google Group to do this.
  5. Voila. They read your blog every time you post. It’s that easy!

Obviously ask them first, if they want to be receiving these emails Smile

Friday, December 2, 2011

When you have a book, you always have a friend!

My grandfather said, "Read as many good books as you possibly can.  When you have a book, you always have a friend." And I’m always happier when I have a friend!

I love that as long as I have my phone, I have a book!

Here are the different ways I read on my phone:

  1. Kindle for Android. I’m a semi-frugal person, so I love to read free books, and there are plenty out there, like this:
  2. OverDrive. eBooks and Audio books from my local library.
  3. Aldiko. You can load all sorts of books on this app. And ePub files can be read on here.
  4. Deseret Book. A huge array of LDS and other great books!
  5. Google Reader. All the blogs I follow.
  6. Evernote. When I’m online and run across an article, by using Google News, StumbleUpon, etc., I send it to Evernote, so I can read it when I’m not at my computer.

I wasn’t a reader growing up, but now I love it! Sometimes I have to resist the urge to check Google+, Facebook, Email, etc., but I try to always make myself read first.

Places where I read:

  1. In bed. So much easier than holding a book and having a book light.
  2. In the lazy boy, while nursing my baby.
  3. In the car.
  4. And everywhere in between!

How To Upload a Picture to Facebook WITHOUT a Smartphone

I LOVE pictures! Some may get tired of me posting pictures on Facebook, but I love when others post pictures!

Steps to setup your phone on Facebook

  1. Go to Account Settings –> Mobile and register your phone.
  2. Go to
  3. Under ‘Upload via Email’ find the email address that ends in and add a Facebook contact to your phone using that email address.
  4. Send a picture message to that email address (You don’t need a smartphone to send a picture message to an email address).
  5. Viola, you’ve posted a picture!

I expect to see more pictures now!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Recover Deleted Files From A Camera, Flash Drive, Etc.

As stated in the article below, “Have you ever accidentally deleted a photo on your camera, computer, USB drive, or anywhere else? What you might not know is that you can usually restore those pictures—even from your camera’s memory stick.”  Really? Amazing!

Follow these steps outlined in the article. It’s a miracle!

Best Voicemail Setup Ever

I used to use T-mobile’s voicemail, and it worked fine. But since I LOVE new technology, I decided to try using Google Voice as my main voicemail. Think I’ll ever go back to normal voicemail?! NEVER!

When I used to get a voicemail, I would listen to it, and most likely forget about it afterwards. Now I get the voicemail as an email, transcribed and all! And I can listen to it on my PC too. It helps me to have the voicemail in my email Inbox, so I remember to call them back!

It’s hard to describe all the amazing features it holds. Please go check it out yourself! It’s SUPER easy to make the switch.

I love you Google Voice!